Discover San Marco di Castellabate

The historic centre of Castellabate is reconized by the UNESCO as "mankind heritage". The village still mantein the medieval structure, full of memeories historical and artistic heritage.

Some of the most interesting places to see are Villa Principe di Belmonte and Villa Matarazzo situated in the coastal district of Santa Maria. The square is surrounded by old medieval houses. The maximum expression of this era can be found in the castle. It was built in order to protect the population from saraceen incursion and it still nowadays overshadowing as it was once. From the fortess it is easy to reach St Maria de Giulia basilica. Its cinquecentesque facade is flankered by a belfry tower modulated on 4 floors.

Another interesting place to visit is " Porto delle Gatte" situated in the small harbour of St. Maria and Perrotti tower.

In the district of St. Marco is possible to visit the old greek-roman harbour and to see the beautiful beach of Pozzillo few kilometres away from St. Maria another of the most interesting places of the cilentan coast is Punta Licosa.


San Marco di Castellabate